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Sonic Wellness Institute world leader in Frequency Medicine for addiction and chronic disease.

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Yoga Teachers

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Drug Rehabilitation Therapists

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Shaolin Buddhism 

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Tibetan Tones Yoga

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Tibetan Tones CORE Module

The Tibetan Tones®️ Core module series is from beginner to advanced. Used by all professions now to insure robust recovery.

CORE module moves Qi and blood all the way to the ends of the thinnest spider veins in brain and organs.  The Sonic waves embrace every particle of your being. 

Sonic Wave Journey®️

Sonic  Group Meditation trainings for yoga instructors, sound therapists, Addiction therapists.  An advanced form of sound bath leads you on a magic carpet ride, a journey activated by seductive tones. The Sonic Wave Journey offers us a chance to be in a time machine, taking us back and forward in time, weightless, pain free.  It is in the journey we realize there is no time. There is no past. The past becomes the present and the future is now.  


“The Sonic Wave Jo training. completely transformed our studio. For the first time, I believe people are truest experiencing what meditation is. Thank you.”🙏 Jeanne

“Such a GIFT.”💋 Sue

“My blood pressure was thru the roof in rehab. Elaine’s treatment brought it back to normal for the past 6 days WITHOUT MEDS! I don’t know how she did this but I want my whole family to experience this. “Thank you. CJ, retired NYPD

“My life was in shambles. Elaine put Humpty Dumpty back together again. “👍 KO, retired  NHFD

The Tibetan Tone®️ Therapies  in our retreat center have enhanced the embrace of Menla. The guests are all having their own unique transformative experience. This is the finest level of sound therapy.  The Tibetan Tones singing bowls, each one a masterpiece. “Lynn S. Director Menla Retreat, Tibetan House🙏

“The Sonic Wave Journey took me back to a place long ago. A time of innocence. filled with joy, giggling by the water. Being silly with my friends. It was so real. I knew I was in a dream but the dream was more of an experience of a lost memory. 

 As a therapist for over 35 years, helping  others in their suffering,  I can see now so clearely how trauma derailed me so far off the tracks, I believed my life never had a time of JOY.  Sonic Wave Journey gave me  back  prescious moments.  My clients are all benifiting so much from these sessions. This has opened them up. Our  groups are more productive.”    JM, LMSW Addiction Therapist.


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HARMONIC Rehabilitation Program HRP ( for Rehabilitation centers)

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Immortal Sisters

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AUTISM Sound Yogi camp