Sonic Auricular Therapy

Ear seed therapy

Self Care

The most effective form of ear reflexology for addictions. Developed at the Sonic Wellness Institute, this method gives one the ability to self soothe and care for themselves without having to see an acupuncturist or MD. 

A new multi sensory approach for addiction detox

Combining high frequency oils with Acureflex points and sonic waves initiates the vagal tone. 


PMS - ANDROPAUSE- hormones

anxiety - nausea -pain - focus


This SAT program gives me the ability to do my own reflex points . My anxiety is gone. The session with the vibratory sound bowls was amazing. Instant state of calm . I love this.  AJ. in recovery


My heart palpitations went away for 5 days until the seed came out. The sonic session was amazing. I am using this on all the clients now and they love it. Thank you. R.O Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Unique and Inspiring

All the programs introduced to us by Sonic Wellness Institute have brought so much light to our facility. The Sonic Auricular Therapy is our most powerful non drug related treatment for clients in detox.  


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